My cousin from Maine remarked on the treasure The Strutters are for all of Durham and he is right! – Carol 2016

Thank you for making my birthday fantastic. I was exactly where I wanted to be with the people I wanted to be with. I love being a part of a band that gives such joy to people and lifts them up to smile and dance. – Anastasia 2016

Thanks so much. Saturday was a great success and you played a great part in that. We had over 200 people turn out and grossed over $10,000! The Bulltown Strutters were out of this world! They were the perfect start off for the solidarity walk. I cried three times on Saturday – the first time was when the marching band, step team, and puppets started up the solidarity walk and I saw everyone walking down Ninth Street in all their glory. As you know it is music that shores up the movement and reminds us of what is possible. You all offer a great and valuable gift to our community. Saturday was a good good day for the movement. Your support and commitment to justice mean the world to me.  Thank you for all you do and all of who you are.  Warmest regards, Robin – Racial Walk organizers 2016

We are sooooo happy that Bulltown Strutters came to Immaculata!  I was at the school Friday until about 3:30 and I heard nothing but glowing remarks from teachers, parents and the students.  One teacher described it as “wicked awesome”!   Thank you so much! Take good care and keep doing what you do – it is so uplifting!  – Adrienne 2016

Praise the music and color and sass of @bulltownstrutters. Praise the phrase “All God’s Children Got Strut.” Praise believing – even if only for a little while – that you are both God’s child and that you have the confidence to strut. – Xaris, via Instagram 2016

Thank you SO SO much for Saturday. So thanks for bringing the party here. You guys are awesome! Love when you guys fill this space. It feels really important to have you here! So thank you for building community! – Pinhook 2015

It occurred to me last night while at The Pinhook watching The Bulltown Strutters that this band is Durham’s version of Earth, Wind, and Fire. Both bands sure do fill up the stage with a lot of people – and get their booties shaking! – Howard Wood (aka Beaver Ethel Furman) 2014

2013 – Kaferine de Nerve ‘Last night at Rebirth BB a woman dancing next to me said, “This is so much fun. Have you heard of the Bulltown Strutters? I love them! They are a positive impact on our community.” ‘

Thank you so much for getting the Bulltown Strutters to play at WATTSSTOCK! The cold and rain required a little improv but I think your group probably specializes in improv – they were AMAZING!!! I loved watching the faces of everyone while you guys were playing – kids were mesmerized, adults were smiling and singing. It was GREAT!!! Please pass on my appreciation to the whole group for bringing their funky, jazzy, spirited energy and turning that rainy day into a real party! – Kelly

Great job! Made me feel like I was back in New Orleans with the second line. – Someone at our SEEDS performance

An 11 year old kid told me at MARRY DURHAM, “you guys are awesome!” – Grayson

MARRY DURHAM, coming down the hill, I saw a 7 year old girl, whose face lit up with recognition that we were playing “Single Ladies.” She ripped her earbuds out, eyes so wide and mouth gaping in shock like it was Christmas or something. – Blaise

MARRY DURHAM – the guy who came to the green room after to say that he had been in New Orleans for Mardi Gras 11 days ago, and how he enjoyed BS as much or even more than the music he heard there!

Thank you a thousand times over to all of you who had a part in the birthing of Bulltown Strutters. I LOVE THIS BAND! – Mark Traphagen, founding member

Also, right after our Motorco show two girls came up and asked me when we were playing next. I said, “April 9th and 10th, I think”. She said, “APRIL!! I meant tonight! We need to keep dancing!”

You all get the big time award for marathon playing. You played from start to finish! My deepest thanks and congratulations for wowing our wonderful town!! – Angie, an organizer of Marry Durham

Toward the end of Marry Durham at Motorco, a guy was standing near the door, he was grinning & said, “This is amazing! I’m from New Orleans, & I just texted my wife – this is like being in New Orleans, but it’s Durham!

My heart grew 10 sizes Saturday. I love watching what is happening with the Bulltown Strutters. People are hungry for this infectious interaction. I love watching your faces when the crowd jumps in. You bring joy to people’s lives. – Katherine, an organizer of Marry Durham

You all really drove the beat and when you would change it up ….. OMG … it felt so good. My daughter lives in New Orleans and you all have it so down. They do exactly what you did down there and it always just pushes the magic. A fan, 2011

BS is a bunch of incredibly good musicians who have little egos and Big Fun! You make people happy. … like ummm… me. And I am grateful. – Sandee

Sean, the founder of Fullsteam, said this was the most fun evening he’s had since he opened – people were really engaged and having a great time. Both Freylach Time and Bulltown Strutters got people dancing, and even young people were spontaneously singing along to some of our old timey songs. 2011

I could never remember Closer Walk with Thee, and now I will never forget it. – Patron at the now-closed Papa Mojos, 2011

Pierre Lawford, one of the Shakori Hills board members, telling us they want us to always be THE parade band! He said we embody exactly what they’re looking for. He also said we’re the kind of American folk tradition they really value, where multiple generations of players are keeping the torch lit for old-time music, but making it their own thing.